How to Submit XML Sitemap to Google Search Console

How to Submit a Sitemap to google search console

If you have just started your website/blog and want to list your blog into google search engine then this guide helps you a lot.


Today, I come up with a way by which you can list your website into the search engine Google and then people will find your site on the first page of the google search results.


Isn’t it?

But before we move ahead you should get to know or familiar with technical terms like sitemap, search console, index, etc.

Important Note:

let me tell you one thing is google won’t charge a single penny for indexing or listing your blog into SERP. So, guys be aware of fake people who tell that you have to pay some money to search engine giant. Just follow this guide and everything will be done successfully 🙂 🙂

What is a Sitemap??

A Sitemap is an XML File that lets search engine to crawl your entire site URLs and content. By this way, the search engine can find all content and understand everything properly.

You can use a simple plugin called Yoast SEO to generate sitemap and then you have to submit it to the google search console.

Moreover, You must define which posts, images, pages, categories and tags you want to get crawled and indexed in the sitemap. Let me give you one surprise, you can grab a massive discount on spin rewriter 8 from this link.

How to generate a Sitemap?

Here, I’m taking wordpress as a content management system (CMS). And for that, We have most popular SEO plugin called Yoast SEO that lets you generate a sitemap in just one click.

How to do?

#1: Go to Plugins > Add New.

add new plugin

#2: Search “Yoast SEO” and once you find that simply install it and activate it.

#3: From left sidebar, Go to SEO > XML Sitemaps and click on it.

#4: Toggle to Enable and click on Save Changes.

Note: You can select which things you want to include in your sitemap by simply going to Post Types section.

#5: Now you will have a Sitemap URL and that you have to submit to GWT. (Google Webmaster Tools)

Now, you have a sitemap ready. But before we submit the sitemap your website must be verified by Google and if you haven’t done yet then here in this guide I’m going to show you.

How to verify your website in the google search console??

#1: First of all, go to

#2: Sign in with desired email and password.

#3: Click on Add a Property > Enter website name and click on Add.

add property google webmaster tools

add website

#4: Now, There are five different methods by which you can verify. But we have used a Yoast SEO plugin here then you should go to Alternate Methods > HTML Tag.

#5: From left sidebar, Go to SEO > Dashboard > Webmaster Tools.

#6: Copy the string that is inside the con and pastes into google search console field of Yoast SEO and save changes.

#7: Click on Verify in GSC. and you are good to go. 🙂 🙂

How to submit a sitemap to google search console??

Now, The real process of submitting the sitemap start from here.

#1: Go to GSC > Click on Your web property > Crawl > Sitemaps.

#2: Click on Add/Test Sitemap.

#3: Add sitemap_index.xml at the end of the URL.

submit sitemap to google search console

#4: First test the sitemap whether it’s working or not. If it’s working fine then click “Submit”.

That’s it. 🙂 🙂

I hope you get enough information on how to submit a sitemap to google search console from this article. If so, share this article with friends and on the social media platforms.

Thank you

Ehost vs. Ipage: An In Depth Comparison for 2017! [Result]

Comparison: Ehost vs. Ipage

Last Modified Date: 24/07/2017​

Winner: Ehost


Effectiveness & Performance

Highly effective, fast and 99.99% Up-time Guarantee 


Advance level technologies with Next generation Hardwares

Ease of Use

Very simple and easy to use

all tools​


24/7 Live Chat, Email support and Phone Support

Highlighted Features:

  • Unlimited Website
  • Free Domain for Life
  • Unlimited Email
  • 1-Click WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla Setup
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Monthly Payment
  • Free Website Templates
  • Cpanel as Control Panel


In this guide, We have compared every points of both companies and we declared ehost as winner. Ehost providing some great features than other hosting companies.​

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Choosing the best & affordable hosting is 1st priority for any online business.

Isn't it?

There are many hosting providers are providing their services in the market. But, Some of are more popular and some of are just dust.

Let me clear one thing here is that popularity doesn't always come by marketing.

It comes with how many satisfied customers you have.

More satisfied customer the company has, more valuable its service, support, plans, etc.

You are looking for fast, affordable, reliable, super performance, secure with great support hosting companies to run your business online.

Don't worry!

Today, In this guide, I'm going to compare two awesome hosting companies ehost and ipage. I'm going to declare a winner of ehost vs. ipage comparison in the last of the article.

Ehost vs. Ipage hosting: An in-depth Comparison

#1: Quick Introduction

Let's start by introducing both companies here.


It was founded in 1996 by US based company. They have servers in Houston, Texas and claiming of serving host more than 1 million websites on their servers. They keep the simple structure of everything and provides cheap shared hosting in the market.


It was founded in 1998, from the 1998 year, they are continuously empowering small businesses to mark its online presence. They have served around 1,000,000 customers till date.

#2: Free Domain Name:

Both companies are providing free domain names when you sign up for their shared, VPS or dedicated hosting plans. When you sign up for ipage, you will get a free domain name of any extensions for one year along with hosting plan.

While ehost is offering something amazing to attract new customers. They are offering a free domain name of any extensions for life when you choose any hosting plan.

I would say regarding the domain name, ehost has a great offer. Because there will be no renewal charges for the custom domain name for life.

Just sit back and relax!

Your domain name will be renewed automatically every year.

Isn't amazing deal?

Winner: Ehost​

#3: Performance

When it comes to talking about performance, then both companies provide excellent performance to their customer with 99.99% uptime guarantee.

I used ehost in the past while currently using ipage for micro niche websites. I would say even I have hosted large websites on ehost at this time; I'm not getting any down times.

While at that same time, Ipage is delivering me excellent performance and uptime.

If you have good uptime of your host, then you will never end up by losing quality traffic on your site.

So, make sure you choose if you want to host large websites then go with ehost otherwise ipage is good to go to deploy multiple websites.

Note: Ipage company cares for the environment and uses eco-friendly things on their servers. The servers are running on wind energy and certified by renewable energy.

Winner: Tie

#4: Ease of Use

If you have used any hosting company in the past, then you should know how c-panel can help you to setup and manage every element like domain names, scripts (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.), PhpMyAdmin, File manager, etc.


Ipage doesn't provide c-panel with its hosting plans; they use vDeck as their control panel. I would say it's easy to use but not user-friendly as c-panel. The vDeck is extremely organized, and you can put frequently used items in the favorite section. Everything is covered within a single page while we compare vdesk vs cpanel.

vdesk vs cpanel

While Ehost provides standard C-panel with its hosting plans. Hence, you can install WordPress, Drupal, Magento or any other script within a few seconds. You can manage PhpMyAdmin, File server and email accounts very easily from one panel.

Winner: Ehost

#5: Space & Bandwidth

Both companies offer unlimited space and bandwidth to their shared hosting customers.

It's better while you want to host multiple websites on the single server and you can manage everything from one place.

Winner: Tie​

#6: Usability of Website Builders:

When we compare both companies website builders, we found that Ehost has pretty neat and clean organized structure than Ipage.

Ehost provides you the flexibility to build websites from more than 1000 ready made templates by using just drag and drop.

Winner: Ehost

#7: Pricing & Features

The final and most critical factor that we shouldn't ignore its pricing structure of both companies.

It's better for you if you get a hosting plan within your budget while If you don't get then I would say just make a small increase in your budget, you won't regret later.

Ehost Pricing Structure:

Ehost is currently providing a big discount on their every plan. Their plans start from $2.75/month along with you will get below features.


    • 99.9% uptime guarantee
    • You will get one month free if they fail to deliver what they talk
    • Multiple Data Centers: Provo, Texas, Utah and Houston
    • Time to time server upgrades
    • Cloudflare support
    • Very promising up time levels

Ipage Pricing Structure:

Ipage currently charges $3.75/month on every standard plan. You can expect below features with a standard package.


    • 99.9% level of uptime
    • No Guarantee for services
    • Only Two data centers 
    • Consistent and high level security
    • Advance hardware configuration

Winner: Ehost

#8: Customer Care Support

When we compare both companies regarding customer support department, then they both offer 24/7 live chat, phone support, email support and more.

I experienced that in email support ehost is much better than Ipage.

Which should you choose?

After ehost vs. ipage hosting comparison, I would say both companies are extremely powerful regarding in performance, uptime levels, customer support and backup capabilities.

But if we look very close then ehost is the winner, and I highly recommend to go with it.

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How to claim 50% ehost discount:

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Step:2 Click on the special link for availing 50% discount from here.

Step:3 Email me at with purchase invoice, and purchase id.

I will get in touch ASAP.

Thank you!​

Top 7 Long Tail Keyword Suggestion Tools: My Secret Tools are Revealed

google keyword traffictool

Neil Patel was able to generate 20,000 unique organic visitors only through long tail queries 🙂


Because It works!

Traffic is the blood of your blog. You can compare traffic with your body’s blood.

If your blood keeps circulating in the entire body, you are fine but if not then…

The Same concept is applicable here. If you want to get traffic on your blog, then you would have to consider of the most important parameter that helps you to drive visitors to your blog at free of cost.

And that is long tail phrases.

My blog traffic is getting thousand unique visitors by using long tail keyword suggestion tools described below.

Today, in this article I’m going to show you what is long tail keywords, how to find long tail keywords free and how they help you for getting more traffic.

Let’s get started.

[thrive_headline_focus title=”First of all, what is long tail keywords?” orientation=”left”]

A keyword which is very very specific and has 4+ words in it is called as long tail keywords.

For example:

“best steam irons under $50” is a phrase which is very very specific. Those typing this keyword in Google are looking for best steam irons in the market which are under $50 budget.

And the most the funny thing is, if you would target short tail keywords in articles then you might ending up with no traffic.


Because short tail keywords have high search volumes and they are difficult to rank in SERP.

So instead of targeting short/seed keywords, you should target low competition long tail keywords. You might be wondering how to find long tail keywords free.

Top 7 Long Tail Keyword Suggestion Tools: My Secret Tools are Revealed

1. Google keyword planner: free long tail keyword generator

This is one of the best free tool available in the market for reaching long tail keywords.

But the problem is you are using free keyword planner completely wrong way.!

Yes! This is the harsh truth.

I will show you exact process to find best possible low competition keywords using GKP.


#1: Go to and type your seed keyword and hit enter.

#2: Pick one of the competitor URLs and go to keyword planner.

#3: Put URL in entering URL section and hit enter.

#4: GKP will show you hundred of good keywords that you can try on next article.

2. Long Tail Pro: Ultimate keyword research tool for niche sites

You might be predicted the use of long tail pro from its title.

But let me tell you something interesting features of the tool that helps you in many ways.

Long tail pro is THE tool I regularly use for niche research, to find long tail phrases, to understand the competition of niche, to make perfect link building strategy and much more.

Here, I’m only talking about how you can use tool for finding low competition keywords for your niche.

Here’s the deal for you 😉

You will also get competition idea of the chosen keyword by clicking on just one button.

Steps to find keyword phrases.

#1: Open long tail pro and hit the + button to create a new project.

#2: Gives it the title of your niche, choose a local country, & language and click on create a project.

#3: Now, click on find keywords tab and enter your niche seed keyword/main keyword.

#4: Click on generate keywords and fetch data button.

After few minutes, you will see hundreds of long tail keywords of your niche which you could have low competition, high search volume, and buyer intent.

3. Google auto suggest

Google sometimes plays a game with us.

How? Let me clear your doubt.

When any trending topic is searched on the Google for a long time, then Google shows topic related profitable keywords when you search anything on Google search bar.

You might be wondering how it is related to over article?

The simple thing is to use that searches as keywords in your article.


Here’s the step by step process.

#1: Head over to and type the main keyword.


#2: Google automatically suggests you some variations that could be helpful.

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4. Search related to…

When you search any particular query on the Google, then it shows you top ten results which are higher ranking on SERP.

At the bottom of SERP, you would see some other queries that might be related to the generic query.

Want to know the exact process?

For example, if I was searching about “how to increase height fast.”

The related queries


“how to become tall in one day.”

“how to increase height fast in 1 week.”

“how to increase height naturally after 21.”

“how to increase height in 1 week guaranteed.”

“how to gain height after 18.”

“how to increase height naturally after 21.”

5. Quora: Number one question answer portal

If you want to succeed online, then you have to find users problems.

Then you have to solve their problems with your solutions.

Quora is the best place, to begin with. It’s largest question answer portal where your targeted audience engages every single day.

They share their problems with the expectation of the best answer from the industry specialists and others.

So you have a great chance to solve their problems, along with traffic.

#1: You need to login first, after that go to the search bar.

#2: Type primary keyword on the top of the page.

#3: You will find some interesting questions that people ask often.

#4: Find out the best possible long tail keyword from any of the questions and write content around it.

6. Forums

Forums are the another place to get in touch with your targeted audience.

People ask their problems on the niche forums and solution will be given by the niche experts.

If you find any problem that is asked by so many times, then it could be your potential keyword.

You can participate in the forums by entering

“keyword + forum”

“blog niche + forum.”

For example: “weight loss + forum”

long tail keyword suggestion tools

7. Uber suggest: Best tool to find long tail phrases

What Uber suggest is a very famous free youtube keyword tool in the market.

You can also find keywords related to shopping, images, the web, news, and youtube for your broad keyword.

You only need to enter your seed keyword and boom within a few seconds you will get hundreds of long tail suggestions.

Then you can enter that keyword into Google trends to look out Google keyword trends.


Note: There is more tools keyword.Io, Google Trends, Google Correlate, udemy, sem rush, ahrefs, etc. But they work similar to described tools.

8. Keyword shitter: Gold mine keywords finder

When it comes to finding long tail phrases keyword shitter works best.

The tool is designed specially for finding low hanging fruits from the basket. It shows long search queries that you can’t find in any other tools.

It’s a free tool, and if you want to get search volume for a particular keyword then you will have to download and install keyword everywhere chrome extension, and that will show you CPC as well.

Now, let’s see the steps:

#1: Go to

keyword shitter

#2: Put your seed keyword there and click on the shit button.

shit button

#3: It will scrape all keywords and then you just need to find their competition manually.

keyword spy and finder

Over to you:

I have listed down top seven long tail keyword suggestion tools here. Most of the bloggers and internet marketers make a mistake by targeting generic keyword of high search volumes.

And at the end, he/she wouldn’t get enough traffic.

If no targeted traffic means no sales means no money.

As simple as that.

But if you make a practice to use long tail keywords in your articles then you might get low traffic initially, but at the end, your targeted Google keyword ranking will be decreased.

Good luck!

Have a beautiful day ahead!.